Roof repairs Sydney -Looking for a good roof repairer ?


The suburbs of Sydney just got hit by another storm. And your roof has just sprung a leak.

…or you had someone fix the roof leak a while back – but they did not do a good job and the pesky leak is still there…

Now it is time to get a roofer who knows how to repair a roof leak properly…

Roofers on Sydney roof … All I want is a good and reliable roof repairer to repair my leaking roof. I don’t know what they do when they get up on my roof… so I have to trust what they do.”

Typical Sydney homeowner

The roofing industry in Sydney is serviced by tradesmen from varied backgrounds and a large variation in roofing experience.

  • There are roof tiling gangs who go around installing the roofs for new houses in the housing estates. These roof tilers know how to throw tiles on a roof quickly and cheaply.
  • There are metal roofing gangs who work on the large commercial roofs for the latest warehouses and retail centres. These metal roofers spend most of their time fastening down roof sheets.
  • There are the ‘roof restorers’ – who just want to paint your roof. Fixing roof leaks can be the last thing on their minds.

…If you have a roof leak – these are not the roofers you are looking for.

A specialist roof repairer who can repair a leak on a roof properly is found outside the large roofing companies. These roofers can be a bit difficult to track down – although the internet is slowly making this task a bit easier.

What happens when you Google “roof repairs in Sydney”?

  • The companies paying for advertising space will appear on top of the page and on the right hand column. These are companies with a large advertising budget.
  • There are also many companies who just try to match the ‘lookers’ with the ‘sellers’. These service providing companies make their money by extracting a commission from their ‘sellers’ on their database every time a successful referral has been achieved.
  • There are the companies who make up the rest of the ‘organic’ listings. These are the companies that Google thinks will be the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of your search rainbow.

How to tell the difference between a salesman and a genuine roof repairer?

However you choose to pick your potential roof repairer, there will be a person who will  (hopefully) visit you to provide your (generally FREE) roof repair quote.
  • There is a story going around Sydney about a roof salesman who pulls up in an expensive SUV, dressed up in flashy business clothes and recommending roof replacements as the ‘cure-all’.
  • There will be roof inspectors who will diagnose a roof problem without even bothering to climb on the roof.
  • There will be pushy roofing salesmen who will do you a great deal if you sign up on the day – in exchange for putting their company sign on your front lawn.
  • There will be roofing tradesman who try to bamboozle you with stories about your roof – even though they are not sure what is causing the leak on your roof.
  • There is a handful roofers in Sydney who know what they are talking about and genuinely want to help. These guys will spend time on your roof and let you know in plain language what they think is wrong with your roof……

…. Hopefully, you will hit the jackpot with the roof repairer who fronts up at your door.

Why do roofs leak?

The causes of roof leaks can be slotted into 3 broad categories:

  1. Destruction of the roof elements: Metal roof elements rust over time. Lead flashings crack. Roof tiles break due to foot traffic or impact by objects. Hail damage.
  2. Badly designed roof flashings:  Many roofers do not know how to design and install adequate flashings around the perimeter of roofs. Many new roofs leak because of this problem.
  3. Overflow:  Gutters can overflow – especially box gutters. Low pitched tile roofs and corrugated roofs will leak at the laps. Skylights will get blocked up with leaves and leak.

… if you have a leaking roof, it is probably due to one or several of the above causes.

Why is it hard to get a roofer to come out for a free roof inspection to repair a leak?

Repairing leaking roofs is usually a bottom priority for most of the larger roofing companies. The smaller roofing companies are usually too busy every time it rains and their enquiries list start filling up quickly.

  • Most roofing companies are looking for large new or  replacement roof work to keep their crews busy. It can take just as long to inspect a roof for a leak as for a total roof replacement. So guess where the preferred resources go…..
  • Roof leaks can be very hard to track down and very few companies have a leak detection specialist who they can afford to send out to check out a small leak and potentially come back ’empty handed’.
  • Some roof leaks take several attempts to eliminate and can easily turn into a financial loss very quickly for the roofing contractor. This makes repairing leaks for these roofing companies just ‘bad experiences’ to be avoided.

Can The Roofing Professionals in Sydney help?

Who are they and what do they do?

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